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Diamonds. A Study Of The Factors That Govern Their Value

RRP $18.99

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From the Foreword.
IN writing this little monograph on factors that govern the value of diamonds the author has attempted to put, within limits not too wide to be covered by the busy diamond merchant, much of the experience he has gained during the past fifteen years, as a student of diamonds. Some of the information contained in this volume is the common property of all who have given attention to the subject. Part of it is to be found already in print, in larger and more pretentious works. A modest portion of the material is the result of original study at first hand, especially such part as attempts to analyse various effects and to determine and explain their causes. While most of the technical information contained in the following chapters might be learned of men who are now in the business, many such have no time or taste for writing down what they have learned, and others, unfortunately, regard some of these matters as trade secrets to be kept from the buying public. The writer therefore feels that there is a place for such an essay, and hopes that many who are serving their apprenticeship in the jewelry business and perhaps a few who are already recognized as diamond merchants may profit by the close study of this handbook.
In preparing these pages, the author has also had the great American diamond-buying public in mind and has even given over a short chapter to advice to the intending buyer of a diamond. No other people buy diamonds so largely as Americans. They buy the best and are usually at pains to inform themselves more thoroughly than other nationalities as to the points that determine the value of diamonds. There is nothing within the pages of this book which a merchant who is conducting an honest business in diamonds need fear to have become the property of the public. The more discerning and intelligent the buying public becomes, the better customer it will be, in the long run. In conclusion, the author would extend his thanks to the many jewelers and diamond men who have courteously extended to him opportunities to study diamonds at first hand. Most of the jewelers of Indianapolis should be included and, in addition, the author wishes gratefully to acknowledge much assistance from Mr. Edward E. Stone and Mr. John O'Hanion of Boston and Mr. John H. Baker of New York. The admirable treatise on diamonds by W. R. Cattelle has also furnished much interesting information and confirmed much that was gathered at first hand.

A Mind For Tomorrow : Facts, Values And The Future

RRP $372.99

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Stover and Erdmann deal with the crises confronting today's world and argue that solutions will come not from new technology nor in retreating to an idealized agrarian past, but by overhauling the beliefs that structure society. They link the dilemmas facing civilization to a fundamental rift running through society-one between religion and the humanities, rooted in subjective experience, and science, which emphasizes objective knowledge. They suggest a promising way of closing this rift found in the work of Nobel Laureate and neuroscientist Roger W. Sperry.

They examine Sperry's lifework, including his famous split- brain research and show how it led him to propose a theory of consciousness that challenged science's dismissal of subjective experience as irrelevant. By seeing consciousness as an emergent, causal property of brain function, Sperry reinstated subjective experience into the scientific worldview, laid the foundation for the cognitive revolution that has since swept through psychology, and created a means by which science can help create ethical systems better able to deal with today's challenges. Stover and Erdmann conclude by looking at ways in which others have built upon Sperry's ideas, and they hold out the hope that, with the creation of belief systems more compatible with science, a way out of humanity's current troubles may indeed be found. The result is an excursion through a world of exciting ideas, and a book sure to absorb anyone interested in the fate of our species-and how that fate might be influenced for the better. Students, researchers, scholars, and concerned citizens particularly interested in cognitive psychology, science and society, and futures studies will find the book intriguing.

Basic Real Estate And Property Law For Paralegals

RRP $482.99

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With trademark insight and clarity, author Jeffrey A. Helewitz presents a vivid picture of the role of the paralegal in complex real estate transactions. Always timely and accessible, the Fifth Edition of Basic Real Estate and Property Law for Paralegals puts a firm grasp of both theory and practice well within a student s reach.

A thorough yet manageable introduction to Real Estate and Property Law, featuring:

  • Broad coverage that includes estates in land and future interests, titles, land use, conveyancing,closing procedures, condos, co-ops, commercial property, and landlord-tenant law
  • Helpful examples that illustrate the role of the paralegal in practice
  • Key terms, Practical Tips, Ethical Points, and Chapter Summaries
  • A final chapter on personal property that introduces students to the essential concepts of tangible and intangible property
  • Edited cases in each chapter that give students practice reading and analyzing case decisions
  • Sample legal forms in each chapter that expose students to legal documents on a variety of topics
  • Extensive practice and review features, such as end-of-chapter review points, exercises, activities, and situational analyses

Updated throughout, the Fifth Edition provides:

  • The latest developments on the law surrounding same-sex marriages
  • New cases
  • Updated forms
  • Additional case analyses in every chapter

Value Theory

RRP $491.99

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Humankind's progress has always been driven by two momentums: the pursuit of truth and the creation of value. But our understanding of value, and our ability to reflect on its complexity, has long lagged behind our constant search for truth. This has, in turn limited our grasp of the essence of truth.

This book takes philosophical contemplations on value to a new level, while also explicating some contemporary Chinese styles of philosophical thought.

Over the past 25 years, this book has been having an increasing impact on Chinese readers and researchers, and it also provides a good platform for international dialogue on several key issues of philosophical studies.


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